Direct Courier Service

Delivery in as soon as 1 hour.

No Mystery, Just Direct Delivery

Same Day Direct Courier Service is a direct, top-priority way to get your shipments within the Puget Sound Area.


Choosing Direct Delivery

This Service Level is for Direct shipments up to 250 lbs and/or Length, Width or Height of up to 60 inches.

How fast we can deliver depends on the distance to your destination.

Distance (miles)Arrival Time
0-4Within 1 hour of ready time
5-9Within 1.5 hours of ready time
10-14Within 2 hours of ready time
15-24Within 2.5 hours of ready time
25-34Within 3 hours of ready time
35-44Within 3.5 hours of ready time
More than 44Determined upon request


Standard Courier or Rush Courier Services may be available when Direct Courier is not available.

What We Do

Residential Pickup/Delivery

Scheduled Pickup/Delivery

Real-Time Tracking & Tracing

Electronic Signature

Final Mile/Last Mile

Document Pickup/Delivery

Airport Pickup/Delivery

Printable Shipping Docs

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