Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide services outside of the Seattle Area?
No. Currently Bigfoot Delivery services the Puget Sound region only.
Do you provide services to the general public?
No. Currently Bigfoot Delivery provides services for business customers only.
How does the ordering process work?
Once you've created your account, you can track your shipments from collection to delivery.

Step 1 Enter collection and delivery information.
Step 2 Choose a level of service, add any options and provide a few details about your shipment.
Step 3 Calculate and submit your order.

We'll take it from there and provide email notifications when your request is accepted, collected and completed.
Do you offer delivery service of hazardous material?
No. Bigfoot Delivery does not provide services for any hazardous material including flammable or combustible material of any kind.
What are the handling capabilities of your service vehicles?
Bigfoot Delivery has the capability to handle items as small as an envelope and freight up to 14'L x 8'W x 7'H.
How much lead time is needed in order to book a pickup?
Although a small amount of lead time can ensure scheduling availability, we are often able to make your last minute request work. Please don't hesitate to submit your request and get ready to be amazed by our speedy service!
What is the difference between service levels?
Bigfoot Delivery offers multiple service levels to meet your needs. Just select one of the following levels of service when entering your order details. COURIER SERVICE LEVELS Standard Courier Service gets your shipment delivered by end-of-day (5 PM) shipments up to 200 lbs and/or Length, Width or Height of up to 60 inches and 45 miles max. If the distance to your destination is: 0-30 miles, your shipment must be ready by: Noon If the distance to your destination is: 31-45 miles, your shipment must be ready by: 11am Rush Courier Service gets your shipment to its destination within hours. Rush Courier shipments up to 200 lbs and/or Length, Width or Height of up to 60 inches If the distance to your destination is: 0-5 miles, your shipment will arrive within 2 hours of ready time 6-10 miles within 2.5 hours of ready time 11-15 miles within 3 hours of ready time 16-25 miles within 3.5 hours of ready time 26-35 miles within 4 hours of ready time 36-45 miles within 4.5 hours of ready time more than 60 miles TBD FREIGHT SERVICE LEVEL Freight Service shipments are for less-than-truckload (LTL) Max dimensions LxWxH - 14' x 8' x 7'. Requests are processed in the order they're received and placed in cue for completion by end-of-day (5 PM).
Is delivery service only available during regular business hours?
No. We are available for after hours, weekends, or holidays by special appointment. Bigfoot Delivery's regular business hours are Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM Pacific Time.